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Emerson won the contract to transform the power station and gas turbine control in the British fellside power station

using Emerson's ovation technology to replace the old Ge speedtronic Mark IV gas turbine control will help to better control the overall operation of the power station and understand the key power station and gas turbine parameters more easily

Pittsburgh (July 8, 2009) - Emerson Process Control Co., Ltd. announced that it had won a contract to use ovation technology to transform the old power station and gas turbine control at the fellside power station of Sellafield Ltd. Once the temperature is too high

fellside power station is a cogeneration (CHP) power station, consisting of three 40mW Ge frame 6B gas turbines and one 68mw steam engine, with a total power generation of 188mw. The power station provides power for the national electricity of the United Kingdom and Sellafield Ltd, a nearby nuclear processing plant, has been rated as the best energy-saving situation by the state Provide steam. The contract requires Emerson to replace the control system on a gas turbine and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). The modification will be implemented during the planned eight week outage in September and October 2009. The power station is expected to resume operation in november2009

in order to upgrade the gas turbine control, Emerson will use ovation technology to replace the existing Ge speedtronic 8482; Mark IV gas turbine control. Emerson will also implement several instrument updates on Ge gas turbines, such as the installation of hydraulic servo valves, linear variable displacement sensors (LVDTs), and flame detectors

for the HRSG control transformation part of the project, Emerson will replace the old ALSTOM MICROREC control system to realize the highly praised PlantWeb digital power station structure based on ovation expert control system

the full scope of the project requires the use of Ovation System to monitor Alstom HRSG and auxiliary combustion pipeline burners, as well as GE gas turbines, including overspeed protection. Ovation will also monitor the generator synchronizer function and integrate with the existing continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS). Emerson's ability to provide integrated solutions provides the fellside power station with seamless integrated gas turbine and HRSG control, so that it can better closely control the operation of the power station and more conveniently understand the key parameters of the power station and gas turbine

"ovation meets all our major functional requirements. Together with Emerson's engineering and support capabilities, ovation makes us believe that such a large-scale and complex reconstruction project can be completed within a very tight plant outage time," said Ian Rae, project manager of Sellafield Ltd.: "Emerson is a leader in designing, installing and supporting steam turbine, gas turbine and boiler feed pump steam turbine control solutions," said Bob Yeager, President of Emerson's utilities division. "Our successful history, combined with our extensive experience in replacing Ge speedtronic Mark II, IV and V gas turbine control, will help ensure that this transformation project can achieve closer and more effective plant operation in the long term."

Emerson Process Management

Emerson Process Management is a part of Emerson's business. It is a leader in the automation fields of chemical industry, oil and gas, oil refining, pulp and paper, power, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. Provide high-quality products and technologies, consulting, project management and maintenance services for specific industrial industries. Emerson Process Control utilities () tested force values close to the maximum and minimum values of this universal testing machine. It is a global supplier of advanced distributed process chitosan for cationic polymer control and information systems. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, the company develops and provides various plant wide process control solutions for the power generation, water treatment and sewage treatment industries, and is recognized as an industry leader. Emerson's mission is to combine excellent products and technologies with industry-specific engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services, in which the utility department plays an important role. Emerson Process Management's brands include PlantWeb, Fisher, micro motion, Rosemount, Daniel, Bristol, deltavtm, ovation, and AMS suite


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