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Launch of end-to-end UAV package delivery solutions

launch of end-to-end UAV package delivery solutions

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drone delivery systems announced that it had cooperated with aero systems West (ASW) to provide new end-to-end UAV distribution solutions. However, some enterprises delivered solutions to raise the oxygen index. Through the new partnership, the drone delivery systems will now provide ASW's automated commercial delivery UAV, which is supported by the hardware standard of the open source autopilot, as well as the professional long-term support of ASW's dronecare subscription

the new solution will utilize the airbox technology of the drone delivery systems, which is an intelligent mailbox system centered on IOT esp32 technology. ASW's dronecare is a subscription service that includes aviation grade UAV hardware, training, maintenance, service upgrade and accident protection

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the partnership will combine the long-term support of experts with the package delivery of commercial UAVs. With the integration of dronecare and the airbox ecosystem, UAV delivery will be carried out through a reliable and safe platform that must be first used for certification

we have conducted an extensive review of commercial UAV manufacturers to provide our partners with the most advanced and reliable commercial UAVs in the market, combined with our innovative intelligent airbox technology. Aero systems West not only produces the most advanced automatic UAV with pixhawk controller, but also its team is composed of advanced pilots, trainers, service providers and all-round talents in the commercial UAV industry in the 107th part of our province. Drone delivery systems will continue to be consistent with the most advanced UAV technology company in the industry, commented Brandon pargoe, President of drone delivery systems and inventor of airbox technology

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