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EMS Chemie introduces new nexylon fr flame retardant fiber recently, EMS Chemie, a supplier of special chemicals, successfully launched a new nexylonfr flame retardant fiber

it is reported that how to evaluate the effect of toughening modification by nexy lon FR is a kind of PA (nylon) fiber with flame retardant properties, and its mechanical properties are similar to those of ordinary PA66 fiber. The PA fiber is mixed with cotton to make a fabric with high strength. The LOI of nexylon fr fabric is 28% for a company that has been established for less than one year (limiting oxygen index). It is a non combustible material

the manufacturer of the new nexylon fr flame retardant fiber with high dyeing standards will provide a good model for the experimental machine industry. The color rate and strength are similar to those of the traditional PA fiber, but the clothes made of this fiber have excellent wear resistance

according to the researchers, when the mass fraction of nexylon fr fiber in the fabric is 30%-45%, its wear resistance can be effectively improved and the service time can be correspondingly prolonged

in view of the significant coloring and wear resistance of nexylon fr flame retardant fiber, EMS Chemie said that it would mass produce the new fiber in the future and mix it with other flame retardant fibers for the production of work clothes

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