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All original imported encoder accessories of our company

nowadays, most manufacturers' accessories are localized in China, with uneven quality, and most of them have a warranty period of no more than one year. The Asia branch of American EPC encoder company (Zhuhai watt Instrument Co., Ltd.) has provided customers with world-class quality encoders and more than three times the warranty period with all original imported accessories, three-year warranty and fast delivery for many years

established in 1969, American EPC (encoder produc ball screw pair driven cross beam TS Company) encoder product company is a global photoelectric encoder manufacturer. It produces a full set of encoders to serve large industrial users of a project of esacomp originated from the European Space Agency (ESA). EPC encoder products are widely used in: drive control of servo and stepping motors, control and feedback of motion, position and speed, electronic counters, automatic machines and tools, lathes and grinders, assembly, packaging, cutting and conveying equipment, rotating machines and conveyor belts, textile machines and printing machines, elevator control and stacker machines, digital painting machines and medical instruments, etc. EPC also has a branch in the UK, which is responsible for the production and sales in Europe. In 1994, it opened its Asian branch in Zhuhai, China, which is responsible for the production and sales in Asia. In addition, EPC has many agents around the world to serve our customers

epc took the lead in designing square encoder for counter industry. Customers include some of the world's top 500 enterprises, the world's largest counter manufacturers and electronic product agents. However, it is still necessary for testers to choose their own preferred report format (the built-in excel report editing function of the test program has expanded the pattern of the previous single professional report). EPC has developed a complete set of high-precision industrial encoders, including 1.5-inch series, 2.0-inch series, 2.5-inch series, 58mm series, through shaft type, shift type, stainless steel type and other incremental and absolute encoders. Many famous enterprises in the United States, such as general electric, Pacific scientific, glentek, servo dynamics Co., Boston digital, ectric/emerson, Kollmorgen, and so on, have widely used EPC encoders

our company can provide superior services to customers and is proud of our fast delivery time and reliable product quality (three-year warranty, one of the longest in the industry). The detailed product catalogue and company information of EPC headquarters and divisions can be queried through the station of Asia division or the famous encoder station of EPC Corporation. In order to better meet the needs of Asian customers, we sincerely invite distributors or manufacturers with sales network and pioneering spirit, and provide superior OEM prices

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