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Emerson Network Energy's high heat density solution has entered Ping An's Shenzhen headquarters. Recently, Emerson Network energy, the global leader of Emerson's business brand (NYSE Stock Code: EMR) and "key business fully guaranteed TM", was in the process of purchasing a new round of precision air conditioning equipment for computer rooms of Ping An insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ping An China"), With excellent product quality and good cooperation foundation, we once again have the opportunity to join hands with Ping An of China

Ping An is the first comprehensive financial service group in China that takes insurance as the core and integrates diversified financial businesses such as financial securities, trust, banking and asset management. In order to support the development of its core business, Ping An of China attaches great importance to information construction, and its data room construction has always been in the forefront of the country. With the continuous development of business and the deepening of information application, the number of equipment in the data room of Ping An Shenzhen headquarters of China is also rising by a large margin, especially the increasing use of blade servers. The high computing intensity of blade servers has led to a sharp rise in the heat generation per unit volume, and the local "overheating" problem in the room has begun to become prominent

in order to solve the above problems, Ping An of China urgently needs an efficient and safe refrigeration solution for the "hot spots" of the computer room. After extensive investigation and in-depth research, Ping An China finally decided to choose Liebert XD series air conditioners, the high heat density solution of Emerson Energy Co., Ltd

the Liebert XD solution that Ping An plans to introduce this time includes the chilled water host XDP, and the refrigeration terminals XdV and XDH. XDP is deployed around the machine room to prevent water from entering the machine room to transport refrigerant to the refrigeration terminal and control the refrigeration system. The portable XdV with digital display is a rack mounted type, which is vertically placed on the upper part of the rack, directly absorbs the hot air from the inside of the rack or from the hot channel, and releases it to the cold channel after cooling. XDH is vertical between racks and can be deployed in the middle of racks arranged in rows with cold and hot channels. The combination of the two methods can not only eliminate "hot spots", but also make the refrigeration in the machine room more flexible, efficient and safe

according to the relevant person in charge of the project, Ping An China and Emerson Network energy have a solid foundation for cooperation. Previously, many ups and air conditioning equipment used in the data room of Ping An Shenzhen headquarters were provided by Emerson on the field. The availability and reliability of Emerson equipment have been verified in practice; In addition, the Liebert XD solution provided by Emerson this time is not only efficient, safe and has overall advantages, but also has mature applications abroad and there are many successful cases in China. Emerson energy also has a special service organization in Shenzhen, which can provide convenient and high-quality services for Ping An Shenzhen headquarters

Emerson energy XD series air conditioners are stationed in Ping An Shenzhen headquarters, China, which is another typical application of Emerson's high heat density solution after its introduction in China. With the increasing density of computer rooms, the deployment of blade servers and the aggravation of "hot spot" problems, this application provides another reference case for domestic customers, which will undoubtedly promote the wider application of high heat density solutions. This will also more effectively support the efficient and stable operation of users' IT infrastructure, and better practice the concept of Emerson energy's "key business full supporttm Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)"

about Emerson Network energy

Emerson Network energy is a business brand owned by Emerson (NYSE Stock Code: EMR). It is a global leader in "key business full assurance TM", providing a comprehensive network to chip guarantee for communication networks, data centers, medical care and industrial facilities. Emerson energy provides customers with innovative solutions and expertise in the fields of AC and DC power supply, precision refrigeration, embedded computing and power supply, integrated racks and cabinets, transfer switches, power and environmental monitoring, connectivity, solar energy and wind energy. All solutions can be fully supported by local Emerson energy service professionals worldwide. For more information about Emerson energy's products and services, please browse about Emerson. Emerson, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a leading company in the world. The company combines technology and engineering to provide customers with innovative solutions in the fields of network energy, process management, industrial automation, environmental optimization technology, home appliances and tools. In fiscal year 2007, the sales volume of the company reached US $22billion to general flexible packaging manufacturers. For further information, please visit the company website (global) (China)

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