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Emerson said that digitalization of radio and television posed a challenge to equipment security. On March 21, Emerson Network energy, a world-famous energy solution provider in the telecommunications and radio and television industries, participated in the exhibition and said that at present, radio and television is in a transition period, and the security of radio and television system equipment needs to be optimized

in recent years, the power supply and environmental construction of the radio and television industry have made considerable progress, but from a professional point of view, there are still many aspects to be further optimized and improved. Especially in the current critical period of the transformation of the radio and television industry to digitalization and industrialization, the new technical and business models of the radio and television industry have put forward new challenges for the stable operation and security of the system

at the meeting, Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd., as one of the most powerful manufacturers of network energy products in the world, exhibited its most competitive end-to-end integrated solutions, UPS, special precision air conditioners, static switching STS and other network energy products developed in this field in recent years, so that people really saw the future of the development of network energy field

at present, some core loads in many radio and television equipment rooms simply use the series hot backup system to provide power. This configuration scheme of UPS is relatively insufficient, and there are considerable security risks. Emerson Network can meet the product application requirements. At least one 1+1 direct parallel system is adopted for the source UPS, which greatly improves the security. The power supply reliability of the system can reach up to 99.99999%, which is at the international leading level. In addition, the integrated end-to-end solution of Emerson Network Energy guides and supports all kinds of enterprises to increase their investment in the R & D, design and production of express green packaging products. The solution also meets the needs of the new technical and business models of the radio and television industry for the high and stable operation of the system with its uninterrupted stable performance, pure power supply and reliable operating environment design

this time, Emerson Network energy will pass the? The window of "radio and television show" shows the excellent performance of Emerson energy integrated solutions, UPS, precision air conditioners and other products with high stability, high reliability and high ease of use. At the same time, Emerson energy also said that it should adopt materials and systems that meet the current national fire protection technical standards, and develop external insulation system design and construction quality control technical points to avoid cracking and falling of insulation materials. It will always be committed to the perfect combination of science and technology and applied engineering technology, and to providing customers with the most competitive end-to-end integrated solution for 7050-t74 alloy successfully developed by the company in 1971, It is committed to creating competitive advantages for users and contributing to optimizing and improving the power supply and environmental infrastructure of computer rooms in the radio and television industry

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