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Emerson launched a new "energy reliable" FIELDVUE instrument

Emerson Process Management announced that its Fisher FIELDVUE dvc6000 digital valve positioner was approved to use natural gas. This indicates that the instrument has become the "energy reliable" preferred product in the natural gas industry. Secondly, the Canadian Industry Standards Association (CSA) approved the instrument as a designated product for customers to improve plant safety. This new design using natural gas eliminates the need for additional seals or associated wire terminal boxes, creating an integrated and more cost-effective solution for valve installation

natural gas from the process production line is often used as an intermediate medium for the installation of start-up control valves. Concerns about the use of natural gas in the industry have increased for a time, because natural gas may come into contact with workers along the connection line when workers open the connection box and other connection points, thus causing danger. Various manufacturers and customers try to provide a temporary solution by means of cable duct glands and seals. In order to avoid natural gas leakage to areas not suitable for natural gas, dvc6000 instruments can now provide an integrated solution that meets the requirements of ansi/isa12.27.01 application standard and CSA separate sealing standard. Once a single-stage seal is satisfied, Canada will no longer need a secondary seal

"designing innovative products according to customers' needs is Emerson's preferred goal. This time, by integrating CSA natural gas certified pipeline sealing technology into fieldvuedvc6000 instruments, Emerson has brought great benefits to end users who have always used process gas as field instrument energy." Dannynelson, vice president of Emerson Fisher products, said: "CSA testing requires strict instrument quality. Our engineers recognized this and first developed a market solution, which provides customers with a solution with low installation cost and time saving while meeting the requirements of factory safety production."

in order to further promote Emerson's "the use of energy material testing machine is limited to metals, etc. 5. Gb/t 11546.1 ⑵ 008 determination of creep properties of plastics Part 1: reliable in the field of tensile creep", dvc6000 instruments can choose low leakage relays. The low leakage relay reduces the loss rate to about 1/6 and still maintains superior performance to meet the needs of plant process control. The selection of low leakage reduces the impact on the environment, and also reduces the cost of using natural gas as the supply medium with the characteristics of production automation, equipment intelligence, production data informatization, equipment system networking, etc

in order to pass CSA acceptance, the dvc6000 unit has to undergo strict pressure test and additional temperature cycle test from -57 ° C to 95 ° C to ensure that no gas is transmitted through the wiring terminal area. Fieldvuedvc6000 instrument is the only single-stage sealed digital valve positioner approved by CSA at present. It is used for natural gas as a stand-alone equipment

fieldvue digital valve positioner is a key component of Emerson PlantWeb digital factory structure. Its network intelligent instrument can provide predictive maintenance and diagnosis data and increase the stability of facility production and sales. For more information, please contact Emerson Process management sales offices

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Emerson Process Management () is a part of Emerson's business. It has always taken the lead in helping various industries achieve production, process control and transmission and distribution automation, and widely serves chemical industry, oil and gas, oil refining, pulp and paper, power, water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage, life science and other industries. Provide high-quality products and technologies, consulting, project management and maintenance services for specific industrial industries. Emerson Process Management's brands include PlantWeb, Fisher, micromotion, Rosemount, mobrey, Daniel, Bristol, DeltaV, ovation, and amssuite

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