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­ Do owners have to pay for the decoration and use of elevators? These two days, several owners of Shuangfeng building in Taijiang District reported that the property company charged them an elevator fee of 15 yuan per trip, which they thought was unreasonable. In this regard, the property company said that the move was to protect the elevator

­ Mr. Cai, the owner, said that some time ago he bought a second-hand house located in Shuangfeng building, Guangda Road, Taijiang District, which is being renovated these days. However, the property management company told him that the owner had to pay 15 yuan per trip to decorate and use the elevator

­ Mr. Cai said that elevators are frequently used for decoration, and it is unreasonable to charge every time. Coincidentally, netizens “ Biscuits again” It also reflects that he has the same experience in Shuangfeng building. He said he had never encountered such a situation when decorating in other places

­ Why do I have to pay extra for using the elevator? Yesterday, the reporter went to the scene to understand the situation. Shuangfeng building is a mixed commercial and residential building. There are many companies working here. The flow of people is relatively large, and there are three elevators in total. The reporter found a company that was in the process of decoration. The boss of the company said that he only made simple changes to the house and did not carry large items or remove decoration garbage, so he was not charged the so-called elevator fee

­ A merchant said that it was true that elevator charges were used for decoration& ldquo; It's time to charge, because our elevators have been used for a long time and are prone to failure. The elevator fees charged can be used for daily maintenance& rdquo; The merchant said

­ The reporter then asked the security guard about the elevator fee. The security guard said that at present, they only charge for the decoration owners, and other owners can use it normally. It is reported that the owner must report to the property office before decoration and pay a decoration deposit, and the elevator fee is deducted from this deposit

­   “ We will count the times of using elevators due to decoration, and settle after decoration, and the rest will be refunded& rdquo; The security guard said

­ For this matter, a staff member of the property management office of Shuangfeng building said that the three elevators in the building are passenger elevators, which are not used for cleaning and transporting decoration waste& ldquo; We also don't want to charge this money. The owner had better clear and transport the decoration garbage through the stairs, so as to protect the elevator& rdquo; Staff said that the Shuangfeng building has been built for more than 10 years, and the old elevator is no longer suitable for carrying heavy decoration waste. Once a failure occurs, it is difficult to raise maintenance funds. For the purpose of protecting the elevator, they only charge the owners who use the elevator for decoration

­ The reporter learned that the "Fujian elevator safety management measures" stipulates that the daily maintenance costs, general maintenance costs and inspection and detection costs of elevators should be borne by the elevator user (generally refers to the property company). If it involves major maintenance, transformation or even renewal of the elevator, due to the relatively high cost, it should be disbursed from the housing maintenance funds. If the funds are insufficient or there is no housing maintenance funds, it should be jointly raised by the property owner of the elevator (generally refers to all owners)

­ Some lawyers believe that the original intention of the property company to charge for the protection of elevators is understandable, but it is best to publicize to all owners and clarify the whereabouts of the fees collected, and report to the superior competent department or price department to avoid disputes. (reporter Xu Qiang)




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