Can insulating glass be used on the roof of a sunn

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The selection of the glass on the roof of the sunshine house has always been a big problem for the owners of the sunshine house. Can hollow glass be used on the roof of the sunshine house to ensure the safety of the sunshine house? Sunshine room network makes an analysis for us on this issue

can insulating glass be used on the roof of a sunny house

although insulating glass has many advantages, such as excellent sound insulation function, heat insulation function, and strong wind pressure resistance function. However, the roof glass of sunshine houses has high requirements for safety, and generally uses laminated glass or laminated insulating glass. (related introduction: safety of laminated glass) therefore, hollow glass with less strong impact resistance is often used in the facade of sunshine room to ensure the indoor temperature and daily comfort of sunshine room

can insulating glass be used on the roof of a sunny house

even if it can't be used for the roof of the sun, the insulating glass used for the facade can give play to its common advantages

sound insulation function: insulating glass will extract the gas in the center and inject inert gas during manufacturing. The sound insulation effect is three times that of general single-layer glass, and the price is much cheaper than vacuum glass

heat insulation function: the edge of the insulating glass is strictly sealed with sealant, and the inner cavity is filled with inert gas. The two layers of glass separated by sealing gas have little heat conduction with each other and play a good role in heat insulation

can insulating glass be used on the roof of a sunny house

wind pressure resistance: the wind pressure resistance strength of insulating glass is 15 times that of general monolithic glass

when using insulating glass, condensation will not occur in the inner cavity of qualified insulating glass. If this kind of phenomenon occurs, it means that you have purchased defective fake products. It is advocated that in the process of establishment, select manufacturers with guaranteed big brands to purchase, and have regular sunshine house companies to carry out construction, so as to give you a perfect sunshine house experience




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